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Welcome to Pleasant Valley Dentistry where Dr. Tovar and our skilled dental team offers comprehensive, gentle dentistry for all our patients in Peoria, Arizona and the surrounding communities. One of the smile restorations we offer are dental crowns.

It’s not unheard of for something like a blow to the face or a hard fall to crack or severely fracture one of your teeth. Sometimes, the damage to the tooth is so extensive that it simply cannot be saved, even with a root canal. In a situation like this, Dr. Tovar will often recommend that the cracked or fractured tooth is completely extracted. Once your gums have completely healed, he can then restore the tooth by installing a crown.

Dr. Tovar will start by examining the tooth to assess the extent of the damage. If the area of decay extends deep down into the internal structures of the tooth, you might need a root canal to restore sufficient tooth structure to mount a crown.

After this is done, he will prepare the teeth by removing the majority of the enamel layer. This leaves behind a small amount of enamel to protect the interior of the tooth. This tooth will later serve as an anchor that will keep your permanent crown in place.

Dr. Tovar will take an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth and will send that impression to the dental lab where your new crown will be created. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth to keep it safe while you wait for the dental lab to complete your new crown.

After the dental lab has created your permanent crown, Dr. Tovar will call you in for a short second appointment. The temporary crown is then removed and your permanent crown will then be cemented into place.

So, if you have a cracked or fractured tooth, it will need to be restored as soon as possible. We invite you to give our team in Peoria, Arizona, a call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tovar. We are here to help you keep the confident, healthy smile you deserve!