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Did you know that your adult teeth finish coming in during your teen years? Fortunately, teeth are resilient, and with the proper care, they can indeed last a lifetime. Listed below are some facts about teenage dental issues:

– Your mouth is at risk as a teen during sports and similar high-risk activities. Shelter your smile during contact sports by wearing mouth guards, face masks, and head gear when available.
– Avoid peer-pressure when it comes to drugs, since drug use will result in negative consequences for your oral health.
– Wisdom teeth come in during the teen years, and with them can come with an array of issues including alignment problems, growth issues, potential infections, and lingering jaw pain.
– Although smoking can lead to severe health disorders throughout your body, it begins by attacking your oral health, including darkening your teeth and gums and increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.
– Mouth jewelry is often considered in fashion, especially by teens. But,it is important to know the health risks that come with it. Mouth jewelry can present a choking hazard and even crack or chip your teeth if the pieces contact your teeth repeatedly. In addition, serious infectious diseases such as hepatitis have been linked to mouth jewelry.

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