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Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing before bed, and regular visits to your dentist are great ways to keep your teeth healthy. But fluoride is a key part of fighting tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent cavities very early on, and can help repair damage on a microscopic level.

There are two ways you can make use of fluoride to help your teeth. One is topical. Topical application is done when fluoride is applied directly to your teeth. This is done when you use toothpaste containing fluoride, or it can be done in a fluoride treatment in the dentist’s office.

Another way is systemic: this refers to fluoridated water, or dietary supplements. Those supplements can only be prescribed by your dentist. If you are at a high risk for getting cavities, you will want to talk to Dr. Tovar about an in-office fluoride treatment.

The fluoride treatment we can provide has a stronger concentration of the mineral than you can get in a store. Some brands of mouthwash contain fluoride, but mouthwash isn’t recommended for children under six years of age. It’s best if you talk with the doctor about how to make sure your child is getting the proper amount of fluoride

The in-office treatment process usually takes minutes. The doctor may use a gel or a foam applied with a swab or brush, or you may hold a fluoride rinse in a tray in your mouth for a few minutes.

While fluoride is certainly helpful, we still suggest that you come in and see us at Pleasant Valley Dentistry in Peoria, Arizona for regular checkups and cleanings. Call us for an appointment at 623-561-1470. We can with you about fluoride treatments and other things you can do to ensure healthy teeth.